Once upon a time, when I had just started High School, there was an occasion called "initiation day" at the school.

On this day, all new students, (9th graders) were required to dress in a fashion selected by, I believe, the senior class. The boys were required to wear a dress and high heels and carry their books in a coal bucket.

Although I was a shy person, I did what I was told. I wore a dress, high heels and carried my books in a coal bucket.

When noon time came, I noticed other classmates changing back into their normal clothes. I did not know that this was acceptable and had not brought any other clothes. I had cheated some. I had a 'T' shirt on and a pair of pants that I had rolled up. I took off the dress, rolled down my pants. Boy am I glad I didn't do what Kathleen tried to tell me that I had to do and wore a pair of her bloomers that day instead of my pants.

I was getting along just fine, until I realized that I didn't have any spare shoes. I had to wear those %$#** high heels all day and them *&*&% heels almost killed me.

William McCoy©
April 21, 2005
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