Rocky & Tim
October 28, 1974


Many of you know how much singing used to mean to me. What you probably don't know is that I had terrible stage fright although, once I got started singing, the stage fright disappeared. When I knew I had to sing, I would sit there and sweat and shake until it came my turn. My legs would be so wobbly, I could hardly walk.

In the fall of 1974, our church was having its first homecoming and people from churches all over the state were invited to come and perform. I was hoping I wouldn't be asked to sing but, unfortunately for me, I was. I didn't feel I could turn them down because I had promised myself I would try and do better and would never again turn down anyone who wanted me to sing.

The day kept getting closer and closer and I was getting more and more anxious. Cassell and the boys tried their best to encourage me, but it didn't help. Rocky said, "Mom, I wouldn't even be afraid to get up there and sing a solo." I was supposed to sing several songs and I had practiced them until I was sick of them. I was so afraid I would make a fool of myself in front of all those strangers.

Finally, the dreaded day arrived. I had asked that I be put as close to the top of the program as possible so I wouldn't have to worry for so long and they accommodated me on that. After the usual introductions, opening prayer, a song by the choir, etc...we were told that there would be a surprise solo by someone not listed in the program. About that time, Rocky (who I thought was sitting with the other young people) marched up the aisle in his Sunday-go-to-meetin'-suit and walked up on the stage. When he got into position, the pianist began playing and Rocky stood there straight and proud and sung a solo without missing a beat. I was so proud of him as he looked at me and smiled that big smile of his! His solo was very well received, he got a standing ovation then came and sat by me. I found out later that he had asked the pianist to help him with the surprise and only had to go over the song once. Rocky had learned it when I played it on that little Magnus Chord Organ and we would all sing it.

I wish I could say that my nervousness stopped at that point, but it didn't. I did sing my songs without making a fool of myself though.

This story reminds me of my second chemo treatment when I had just lost my hair and Rocky walked in the chemo room with a bald head. He was again showing his Mom that he supported her and I will always remember that.

The picture below is one taken that same day. Aren't those glasses horrible?

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Below, is the song Rocky sung that day.
Holy Ghost With Light Divine Holy Ghost with Light Divine Shine upon this heart of mine Chase the shades of night away Turn my darkness into day Holy Ghost with Power Divine Cleanse this guilty heart of mine Long hath sin without control Held dominion o'er my soul

Holy Ghost With Light Divine
Sequencer Unknown to Me