I don't think that anybody who went to school in Pike County during those years will ever forget Miss Boyd. Because of people like Madeline Murray O'Hare, she was forced to quit teaching Bible studies and those Christian songs in schools.

One day, in about 1984, I took Dad to the barber shop in Delorme and she came through there toward where the Post Office used to be located near Johnny Gooslin's place. I talked to her and told her I never would forget her and she thanked me for it. She said, "But you know the sad thing is, they made me stop teaching children in the schools." We talked awhile and she told me about the Sunshine Chapel that she had there in Delorme and that she wished more of the "children" she had taught would come and worship with her. I never saw her again since she died shortly thereafter.

One time, in about 1950, her old Ford finally gave up and died. Miss Boyd prayed about it and had hardly finished when the telephone rang and Mr. Eppling, of WNE Chevrolet, in Matewan, called her and told her that some gentleman had called him and told him to call her to come down and pick out any car she wanted so that she could continue her good works. She went down and picked out a 1951 two-door Chevrolet after they told her that she had to pick out a new one. She said that, at first, she balked at taking a new car, but Mr. Eppling assured her that the anonymous donor had specified that she should have a new car.

Another time, she didn't have anything in the pantry to eat and she went in a prayed about it. She rounded up her little bit of change to go to T.C. Stanley's store to get a bite or two of food and to see if he would extend her some credit temporarily. Mr. Stanley told her he would think seriously about it. The next morning when Miss Boyd opened the door to go out and sweep her porch, there were three boxes of groceries that someone had dropped off. She testified that this was proof that God answers prayers. Mr. Wesley, of Wesley's Mercantile in Delorme, used to supply her with all her clothing.

She always looked nice, didn't she? ...just like a Christian lady should. I'll never forget that rattail bun that she wore around her head. We had a male school teacher in the fourth grade who took issue with something that she was teaching from the Bible and he eventually threw her out of his classroom and refused to let her come back. It went before C.H. Farley, the superintendent of schools, and he dismissed the teacher. The kids were so glad that the teacher left and Miss Boyd stayed!

I was so proud, once in the second grade, when me and another boy got to carry the accordion out to her car for her. We wondered how she could "wear" that accordion as heavy as that box was. She later came by a newer one which was a beautiful green. She touched the lives of thousands of children and did it all unselfishly. I'm sure she continued her work at times when she was sick. I think she was in her nineties when she died.

Luther G. Eldridge
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Miss Virginia Jeannette Boyd
7 Dec 1906 - 14 Jan 1992

"Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee"
Sequenced by Frank Schober
Grandpa Schober's Original Midi Files