Go and hide, my two little wisps of girls And Mommy will make a wish for you. "I wish I had a long-haired, Chubby-cheekered little artist girl," (Giggle, giggle, giggle) "And I wish I had a curly-haired, Dolly-loving little dancing girl." (Giggle, giggle, giggle) Two little ones rush in to hug me, As they smother me with kisses. They breathlessly say: "Mommy, you do have us!!! You do!!!" "Mommy is so happy, You are my wish come true!" Daddy comes home And they plead: "Daddy, wish for us!" Good sport Daddy, He plays along and His wish is granted with many hugs and kisses, too. At bedtime I hear them whisper: "We wish we had a beautiful Mommy Girl and a handsome Daddy Boy… Oh, we do!!!" (Giggle, giggle, giggle,) Hug, hug, hug, Kiss, kiss, kiss!!! All our wishes have come true! ©Antoinette Mangano 2006 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail