Take this rose from my garden With you I so wish to share A token of my friendship For you I so much care. Petals unfolding in beauty As our friendship has done Sweetest of memories like petals Unfolding one by one. Ever so beautiful rose I give you Its beauty does not compare It pales beside the beauty Of your heart you share. Always there beside me Offering a helping hand As troubled times are upon me You give me courage to stand. Comforted by your kindness Always you've shown to me Friendship endlessly growing And hearts beat in harmony. What ever life may hold For us both my friend so dear As you have been for me For you, I am always here. ©Kathy Loun Stilley 2004 Used With Exclusive Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

"The Rose"
Sequenced by Mel Webb
The Midi Studio Consortium

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