A lovely red apple
Shiny and bright;
In the hands of my teacher
Ahhh, such a comforting sight.

I'd look from my desk
At the smile on her face;
Our eyes met ~ she knew
'Twas my gift for her grace.

It seem'd very little
For the time that she spent;
Teaching me lessons
With such loving intent.

She taught me my numbers,
To write and to read;
In her own patient way
Encouraged me to succeed.

I can still hear her sing
With a voice clear and true;
A smile on her face
"Good morning to you!"

"Good morning to you,
We'er all in our places
With bright shiny faces
And this is the way.

"To start a new day,
Let's stand for the pledge;
She'd say and we'd rise for the flag
Waving by the window ledge.

"God Bless America",
After the pledge, we would sing;
O, yes, teacher surely deserved
That shiny red apple I'd bring.

©Mary Carter Mizrany
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author


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