We miss you so much Momma and your "Precious Love" That we'll forever share, God Bless you, "Our Sweet Angel"... is our daily prayer; We'll always remember "Your Lovely Smile"…and "Beautiful Face," Within our Hearts you'll forever have, a "Very Special Place;" With "heart-felt Feelings," so very "Sincere," We think of you each day and shed many "Tears;" We talk to you quite often and each word We know you hear, As every second you enjoy "God's Love and Peace" And free of pain and fear; We pray for you daily. As we await that "Very Special Day," As God once again reunites us, when we journey "Heaven's Way!" I dedicate this to my Mother-in-Law who passed away on April 22, 2006, From Alzheimer Disease. ©Philip D. Christopher August 7, 2007 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

Remind Me, Dear Lord
Sequenced by David Larch
David's Southern Gospel MIDI Tracks