'Way down south in the land of cotton, there's a town that was long forgotten- so much so Tampa folk would say--- where the heck is Okeechobee anyway?! Now 'Chobeetown-(or so it's said) is surely a place outsiders should dread- it's history marred with blood and gore abound- Okeechobee means "Dark and Bloody ground." So! To those folks who give a rap- see that hole in the middle of the map? Anyhow-be that as it may-- "Chobeetown has come a long way. Due to recent events and many mishaps-- EVERYBODY knows that hole in the map. Now! Let's get back to the success story- (which by the way is neither bloody or gory) From the rolling hills of Missouri he came- to a town that was very far from tame. An adventurous Missouri farm boy (and no match for the redneck cowboy! "O.R.Striebel is the name- and used car dealing is the game-- don't wear boots nor cowboy hat- don't chew,nor dip, or eat salt fat. These things I really must refuse but I do have a deal you can use" Befriended by an old timer here, he then proceeded to build his career. And cowboys remaked "This Otto Roy- if Tom C. likes him--he's a good ol'boy" And so word of mouth began it's rounds, and O.R.'s career jumped by leaps and bounds. Now the moral of this epic means: 'Jes cause you don't chew Redman™ and wear jeans- and 'jes 'cause you be a furriner-- and don't come down 'jes fur r&r-- and do wear ties and play chess- you work at it-you can be a success! So to end this story of Otto- who developed a right catchy motto: "You pays on time or your auto is mine." And that's the saga of Striebel Auto--- Boy, have I got a deal for you! ©Betty C. Daniels Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail