Large and juicy, red and ripe, Pick all you can carry. We never seem to get enough, Of those large plump strawberries. Deliciously made up in jam, Or served with milk or cream. Or baked in pies or shortcake, They're held in high esteem. The riping season is so short, Just few short weeks in June. So hurry, get them while you can, They'll all be gone and soon!!! ©E.H. Coe 1972 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Estate Website Mom and Dad loved to go and pick strawberries!!!! Sometimes, we would all go!!! What a "Family Affair" that was!!!! Mikki bow The terrible heat of late July, Is something to behold. It burns and dries the countryside, Does damages untold. The air is loaded with the heat, The hot, hot sun pours down. Runs temperatures to ninety plus, Makes everybody frown. Makes thunder rumble far away, And lightning from the heat. Yet ripens all the new green corn, Also the golden wheat. And then in pity, God on high, Sends us a cooling breeze. That whips in just behind a storm, And whispers through the trees. ©E.H. Coe 1971 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Estate Website bow share