I'd like to walk this road today, 
If times were as they used to be. 
Hearing the children laugh and play, 
And the hush of a gentle breeze. 

I often think of days such as these, 
As morning skies filled with a mysterious mist. 
The days were so full of sunshine, 
And its beauty we just could not resist. 

We'd run and play around the house, 
That sat nestled behind the trees. 
Everyone had chores that they must do, 
Even small ones for little ones like me. 

Has there ever been a time in your life, 
When you'd like to start over again. 
In a place where life seemed so simple, 
Surrounded with family and friends. 

I find myself going back in thought, 
To a place so similar to this. 
One day I'll go back to that old place, 
For one more peek just to reminisce. 

©Phyllis A. Douglas
May 18, 2006
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author


The beautiful photo, Allotment Gardens in Sweden,
used for this set is by John Torp, and is used with his permission.
©Holiday House Designs 2000