Opened my Account years ago I Was counting Love, Faith and a kind Deed" Then "He" whispered "WITNESS" is the Seed" Been talking to the Lord many times today Nothing new, He always knows what I will say Told Him I had a burden on my heart Needed His Guidance how to start First I thanked Him for all Blessings He has given me Then my question, "Lord how can it be"? All my sins You wipe away Now Lord, what can I do for you each day? Many years I have read Your Good Book through Will take many scriptures the deeds to renew Lord, I am saving up for Heaven Must make a deposit each day My account must be very large Because I know You are keeping charge I know each deposit must meet Your word An act of kindness, compassion and love When I check my balance each day I find Things I have overseen and left behind Again, I must ask Your forgiveness Each day to You I confess A deposit today I missed Because I did not "WITNESS" To withdraw from my account there is no way The account is the BIBLE'S Design The balance in Heaven is kept each day Thank You Lord for Your wisdom to me you Bless I shall follow Your Holy Word and to others "WITNESS" Where I Pray to be with my Lord Forevermore ©Fran G. September 27, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Website