Reminiscing, back to my youth
And the lifestyle…of the day
I get such a nostalgic yearning
For that time so far away…

A time when things were simple
And days didn't pass so…. Fast
People then, seemed so genuine
From a good mold, they were cast

Transportation was a necessity
We used it with common sense
Not too pretentious, or flashy
Or causing a great expense….

School was a place for learning
Meeting friends, having fun
Not a place where you'd worry
If your classmate was toting a gun

Families enjoyed things together
Each one …taking care of the other
Well disciplined and caring…
And respecting, Father and Mother

Being taught as a young child…
To Love and have reverence for God
To keep the 'Ten Commandments"
Not to kill, rob or commit fraud

Time back then, moved much slower
We enjoyed things, in a quieter way
We appreciated, not taking for granted
Life's gifts, we were given…day to day

Yet, everything must move on…
"Technology" is the word of the Day
I hope when this generation looks back
They will have good things to say.....

But for me, there won't be a time
Like those years…...way back when
Yet, I give thanks that I can recall
Those memories again and again!

©Judith Johnson Kypta
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

For He satisfieth the longing
Soul, and filleth the hungry
Soul with Goodness.

Photo of man and woman from Morgue Files Photo