When I was a little girl I asked my Granny Granny, how am I supposed To live a good healthy strong life Granny said, with a twinkle in her eye She'd share her favorite recipe book with me And promised if I followed the recipes I would always know the difference Between wrong and right Granny said, that her recipe book Had the most marvelous tasty recipes For faith, love, patience and joy With extra ingredients of help and protection In every single recipe in God's book But most of all the best tasting food That fills everyone's heart and soul Granny said, it was The Holy Bible And one day she would give her book to me Now I have Granny's favorite recipe book For now I am all grown up I share Granny's recipe book of love With everyone who will let me For inside the cover of Granny's book She wrote, My Favorite Recipe Book Delicious recipes for the soul The Holy Bible Love Granny ©Donna Jeanne Kramer June 27, 2004 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail




Fill My Cup, Lord
Worship In Song

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