Reaching out to Jesus Is the wisest thing to do He's "The Answer" to the problem He brings Hope and Joy to you icon2 You're familiar with His Story You're aware that He's "The Best" For your good and for His glory He will help you through the test icon2 But unlike the world around you He is "Patient", till you call He's aware of what you're up to He is "Sovereign" in it all icon2 He can see you when you're falling Always grieves, when you're in pain He can hear you when you're calling When you lose or when you gain icon2 Take the hand of God who loves you Place on Him your every care He will never, never leave you He is with you ! He Is There !!! icon2 ©Jim Lake Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail Click here to send this site to a friend!



Jesus, Be Magnified In Me
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