Image by Dark Blue Knight

I wandered today down a lonely road, 
Going nowhere it did seem. 
I listened as the birds sang softly, 
And the butterflies fluttered their wings. 

I watched as the bees flew all around, 
As even they hardly made a sound. 
Just then I came upon an opening in the trees, 
Such a beautiful sight my eyes then did see. 

There was a quaint tiny log cabin, 
Nestled amongst the tall skinny trees, 
And such a beautiful little pond, 
The cabin's reflection in it I could see. 

Just then my mind drifted back in time, 
Of someone's good old days living in that place. 
Of all kinds of fish swimming in that old pond, 
And times of just sitting in the shade. 

The cabin now sits so empty and battered, 
With no one standing at its door. 
It just looks lonely with its windows all shattered, 
And no sound of laughter heard there any more. 

I'm amazed at all God's beauty he graciously made, 
Its glory and splendor for our eyes to behold, 
Much like this tiny little cabin sitting in the shade, 
And the sound of nature that will never grow old. 

©Phyllis A. Douglas
April 5, 2006
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

Closer To You, Lord
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