Pray for my wretched soul, dear ones, 
when this world I depart
Tell God I had such very good intentions, 
that I had a good heart
Let him know I was a fervent believer 
in spite of my sins so many
That if I had it to do over again 
I'd be sure there would not be any

I should have paved my crooked path 
with other than good deeds
Known that strong faith in God 
over adversity always succeeds
The fountain was there flowing 
for me to quench my burning thirst
Yet the joys and temptations of the world 
I sadly put all those first

So pray for me my good friends 
and pray for me exceedingly well
Save me from my transgressions, 
save me from the flames of Hell
Procrastinator that I was, 
do not good intentions count for a thing
Yet Lord I truly love you, 
your praises I will always, loudly, sing

©Roger Eugene Corell 
February 19, 2008 
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

Strive always to  walk in the shoes 
of the Great Fisherman