The following paragraph is an excerpt from my own published views/commentary I wrote, on the beauty of Our Nation's Outermost Surroundings 2004-2008. Poem follows. Both were inspired by two people: a friend, and my sister, both avid photographers who seem to grasp and capture each moment acquired, a gift possessed and given graciously by God.

~America's true reflection is combined with nature's beauty. True comfort, security and solace can be found right in America's backyard, one need only to come in contact with all of the senses, through our hearts, where we can connect in a more spiritual and divine way of life.~

Out from the land, sea and sky Found between eyes and heart, Between man/woman and camera, Between light and dark, A portrait of colors, bright shades, Tints and hues, depending On instant flickers of light With the click of the hand, With intuitive insight, Igniting the spark, Grasping all that is held, Abilities to see wonders of life, Inspired by thoughts taken in What is viewed, resplendent portraits Painted by the Grace of God, Mother Nature's vast surroundings Of person, place or thing, Gifts attributed by what is felt and seen. ©Annette Nasser 2004-2008 Editor, Celebrated Thoughts 2007-2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

Embrace The Infinity
©Original by Jalal Ali