There's a little path
Going down in the field,
It leads into the forest
Which offers it a shield

The path will fade
As the leaves take over
The stillness there,
Is like none other

The silence of the trees
The stillness of the air
The nature all around
Is what God sent us to share!

A little farther down the way,
Is a parting, and a little brook
Where water flows so gently
Figures dance in it, if you only look.

Then staring at the trees so tall
You see the sun glimmer down
Through limbs and branches
---touching down to the ground 

The walk in the woods
Has turned into a peaceful time
That leads you to see
God's loving sign,

His creation!!

Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

Photo courtesy of Image Cafe

"Come Sunday"
Sequenced by Mel Webb
Jack's Midi Music

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