From across the room, our eyes longingly meet. Time stands still for a cherished moment. No words are needed for our eyes reflect the love in our hearts. Each time I see you my face illuminates brighter then the sun. My eyes brightly flicker like the stars at night. Your love is the joy that radiates my soul. Surrounded by loved ones, yet there is not one person, I'd rather be with, then you. I'll love you with my eyes, until you feel my need. I need to have you by my side, here in the circle of my arms. I look down but for a second. When I look back you are gone. A frown creases my brow, till I feel you pulling me near, planting a kiss upon my cheek. We know each other all so well. We are one, no words are needed. ©TinasHeart September 22, 2003 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail