Herald A New Day - Guest Poets - Mom© - Judy N. Marquart

February 8, 1921 ~ March 2, 2003

Today we sit and mourn our loss
of our Mom who's gone on home;
For these past few weeks
were hell on earth,
as she suffered, but not alone.

We sat by her and watched each day
as she faded in and out;
Of all the pain that she endured
our minds were filled with doubt.

For we are really not alone
she's in our hearts and souls;
And taken a piece of us to Heaven
and left us memories to hold.

For now she's very happy
watching us from clouds above;
She walks the paths with Jesus
sends us down her sweet love.

Please don't mourn for me she says
dry those eyes of tears;
Rejoice for I am home at last
I will wait throughout the years.

For you to join us someday
whenever your time does come;
And Jesus brings you home to us
with waiting arms of love.

When you feel a drop of rain
or a gentle summer breeze;
It's just a kiss from Heaven
from your Father and from me.

Or from a scent of roses red
and a star lit sky at night;
In a flutter of a butterfly
or a humming bird in flight.

I am always with you
no matter where you'll be;
For my soul is now in Heaven
my spirit has been set free.

Goodbye for now Mom 

We all love you very much

©Judy N. Marquart
March 4, 2003
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

Doris M. Stothers & Daughter, Judy ~ 1944

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