A Melody So Sweet



If I could be any other Of God's most beautiful creations I think I'd be the lovely blue bird Sailing with the gentle winds Upon the day so long... There in my gift to you I would share my voice of song flower I would come and sit on your window sill To greet you every morn Singing a melody so sweet With wings of the most beautiful hue In graciousness I'd greet flower In thankfulness of the seeds Of all the kindness you have shown I would then invite some of my feathery friends Showing them the beautiful garden of peace That I myself... have known flower I would glide down to your stony path Where the angel fountain... pours my drink Visiting all the flowers you tend In all the glorious colors, galore Of red, yellow, gold and pinks flower Then in the house, you built for me That hangs amid the graceful willow It is there I would rest my humble head Upon my wings of softest pillow flower ©Brenda Conley 2003 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Share



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