It started rather quietly a decision had been made to buy a new computer the ground work to be laid. I did my research diligently went cross eyed in the process Wanted to keep my old SE It all seemed such a mess. Out there doing puter deals walking fit to burst Back and forth - my legs are gone - arthritis does its worst. Never fret - I'm not complaining Have decided on a ripper package that was wheeled and dealed - now feeling rather chipper. The dust is piling high as my pets indulge in play fight, I wipe it off - it comes right back fast as the speed of light. The ironing's stacked up to the roof - I'm looking for a lady to do at least two hours of it, might stop me going crazy. Meantime out the back there's tons and tons of wood A new fence being constructed (and as only here it could) The fence is doubly difficult as the land is cut in steps And sleepers need to be installed before the fence is set. The garden's disappeared, the mud is ankle deep The dog comes in with dirty feet, a bath bucket we do keep to wash those dirty paws there's enough around and more without being down on hands & knees scrubbing, washing floors. And now there is the story of the poor old dead oak tree It's split right down the middle and is a sight to see. Not to mention threat which has freaked the neighbours out But it seems to be quite stable Until the weather turns about !! If it goes, it's mainly pointed Direct at our chimney We have tried to bring it down but it won't budge you see. So it's men with block and tackle and chainsaws one two three To invade what once was garden and bring down that old tree. The Computer comes next week And that brings on a bout of thinking where to put it, I'm working that one out. Not to mention all the goods I've got in old SE Things I didn't know I had and now might want, you see. Quit laughing all you puter geeks I know I sound a dunce, But I've decided to run the two, computers both at once. At least I have a run round chair to get from there to here And make things very simple (?) a lovely leather piece of gear. Well, that's about the story folks, an update if you will Tell you what, not far these days from my Valium pill. I see it all before me heaps of work and months to do it but what the heck - that is life, and I know we'll all get through it. ©Anne N. Byam Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail


I have no idea where I got this image, have had it a long
time if you know who it belongs to I will give credit.
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