The garden is a sea of purple, The lilacs are glorious to behold; The aroma is exhilarating And healing to body and soul. The lilac season is short, It's here and then it's gone; For the splendor of the lilacs We'd sit and wait and yearn. The shortness of its season Reminds us our day is as grass; We flourish like the flowers, Then blow away at last. The lilac's heart-shaped leaves Remind us of God's love Not only to the human family, But to the angelic host above. Soon He's coming back to take us To the blessed land of light Where the river of life is flowing, And the sun is always bright. Oh, blessed land of Beulah, Where no sorrow, pain and gloom Are found within thy borders And where lilacs in eternal bloom. ©Lydia Haga 2004 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website Mail