The blizzard was relentless
That came upon me one day;
There was a lantern in my hand,
But I couldn't see the way.

I was far away from home,
Hungry and numbed from the cold;
I trudged on thinking of home
Full of love and fellowship untold.

The fury of the blinding storm,
The howling wind, the deep snow
Slowed and disoriented me;
I didn't know which way to go.

My whole body was tired,
My eyes could plainly see
This journey in the blizzard
Had taken its toll on me.

My brain was weary, confused,
My blood freezing in my veins;
I thought my Heavenly Father
Was proving and trying my reins.

I staggered and fell, My God!
Am I going forever in circles?
Please don't let me perish here,
Help me, send your holy angels.

Just when I thought I couldn't go on
A flicker of light I saw through the storm;
With renewed energy I crawled slowly
Toward the light in the window of a home.

A door opened--a welcome refuge from the
Blizzard of errors and darkness;
Here my soul drank, feasted and warmed
By Christ's Robe of Righteousness.

God's precious truths were opened
They shone like gems before my eyes;
Errors were quickly dislodged
By Jesus, the Pearl of Great Price.

Oh, that we would reclaim all the
Captives of the prince of darkness
And have them stepping in the Light of
Christ's Truth and Righteousness.

The whole Earth will be lightened
With the glory of God we're told
When the image of Christ is seen as 
A Light in the window of our souls.

©Lydia Haga 
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

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