Just a little wooden cabin with "Welcome" on the door Two chairs and a table a bed and not much more Bare boards were the covering she had on the floor One could not help but think that she was very, very poor And yet she was so happy with a roof over her head Even if upon her table was just a piece of bread She was very thankful for the gift of each new day And used her moments helping other folks in her own way It wasn't all that long ago that Jenny passed away Her friends and neighbours missed her love in so many ways She was loved and well respected until her dying day But was not often rewarded for the love she gave away Just before she passed away she called me to her door And said to me "I will not need my cabin anymore I know there is a home in Heaven there for me For Jesus promised us a place in Heaven to live eternally Jenny's living in her mansion in Heaven beyond the blue And yet we sense her presence and still we miss her too I'm sure that she's an angel I know she earned her wings And I'll bet she spends her moments working for our Heavenly King ©Jeannette E. Smith August 13, 2002 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail Share This Page