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What in the world is that you ask.. I shall endeavor to explain Tis someone who thinks they're always sick Everyday they find a new pain! but Now all of some degree Suffer with this disease But some of us are worse than others So it's them we often tease! but I have a friend, I shall not name Who often feels quite ill, Off to the doctor he will race To get a different pill! but The rest of us, his friends I mean Are sometimes kind of bad We laugh behind his back you see When really, it is so sad! but So a lesson now we had to learn And we learned it the hard way, We found out something shocking Our poor friend.....died yesterday! but I guess he had the last laugh His mind was pretty quick For on his tomb was written... "I told you I was sick!" but ©Charlotte Anselmo Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail but share div backmapmail

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