I remember that big old house Sounds funny you might say I was three or four How can I remember back to those days It pops to mind, little flashbacks Mommy running down to put coal in The living room, the kitchen Running and playing, my head in a spin Oh, the nights Mommy had to say If I have to come in there We laughed and giggled anyway As if to send a special little dare My fondest memories, that big old porch Me and Bobby played for hours Tea parties, baby dolls, cowboys, Indians The memory drenches my mind in showers Out in back I remember it Hudson Lake, didn't seem like much left Kind of swampy and dried up Memories of a place I adored Just bits and pieces here and there That place, New Carlisle Back in Indiana Vague, faint memories... On which I can still smile ©Sally Matheson June 15, 2002 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

Original Artwork: "Rural Countrysides III" John Zaccheo
(Derived from a scanned post card.)