Pumpkins are ripened Leaves changing their hue . . . Crisp breezes are whispering "The harvest moon is in view" ~ Season of Autumn With bold colors display'd . . . Bringing answers from Father For prayers we have prayed ~ Wonders of Nature That so bedeck this earth . . . Responding to Father's touch Rejoice with great mirth ~ Look there, leaves clapping To show their delight . . . The geese in formation Take the skies in their flight ~ Sings glorious anthems Forests & mountains so grand . . . Harmonizing with our hearts Thanking God for this land ~ Rippling in majesty Each brook, fjord & stream . . . Serenading sweet Creator As brave eagles scream ~ Revealing the Song Nature's voices do sing . . . Death in Autumn's beauty And RESURRECTION in Spring ~ Season of Reflection Of Father's endless caressings . . . To just thank & praise HIM For this HARVEST OF BLESSINGS! ©Mary Carter Mizrany October 1, 2003 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Website Website