He was only 3 years old. He would say his prayer every night, he told "Jesus" how much he wanted a baby sister to hold! And to love he told Jesus how much he loved Him. And please God, if you cannot send me a sister, a brother Will do, I promised to love and help momma with its care, You see "Dear God" my momma wants one too, are you aware? She said that you could send us one from above. That we needed to pray and trust you with our love There was nothing any sweeter than hearing him pray, Asking "God" to send him a sister or brother to love Thanking "God" for listening to his prayers, And promised Him that he wouldn't be bad So please "God" don't be mad. When he was 6 years old "God" sent him a baby sister. He kneeled by his bed and "Thanked God" for his sister. You could see the love in his little face, And the smile on his momma's face His sister brought joy and happiness to their life. He kneeled by his bed to thank "God" every night, For his prayer was answered by our "Father" on high. Thank You Jesus I Love You! © Judy Knight May 4, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

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