Dedicated to my Grandma Ida 

As I sit here looking back in memory, I can now so clearly see,
While she told us stories, us kids would sit by grandmas' knee,
We thought she was old-fashion, but we all loved her all the more,
Cause by her knee she'd teach us about Jesus and a beautiful shore.

She said it was the Lord's making, happy are we His servants to be,
How He died for our sins and believing in Him, Heaven we'd see,
Sometimes we'd think she wore funny clothes, but deep inside,
I always knew grandma loved us at heart; we just had too much pride.

She would tell the story of her Ma and Pa, how a log cabin they lived in,
And as she grew up, she to thought they were strange until she let Christ in.
She sat at her Ma's knee and heard the stories of Jesus, just the same as we,
You see things may alter and change but the same Jesus will always be.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow is what she told us about Him one day,
No matter what we wear, or how we talk, I learned at her knee to pray.
She taught us many things, to cook, clean house and to sew,
But about the Lords' work and loving Him, taught us most of what we know.

She taught us not to just read, but to do as our precious Lord said,
So every night we'd feel guilty if we didn't kneel beside our bed.
Now it's my turn, I'm an old grandma to, so to mine I have to be,
Just as Grandma and tell the things she told us, as we sat beside her knee.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author