Grandma Forgot

Hi, Mr. God. I'm sorry for keepin' ya up late. But, I wanna know. If'n you're too busy, I can wait. You see grandma's been forgettin' A lot of things. Mamma says so. She forgot my name, today, Mr. God, And she's a walkin' kinda slow. Yesterday, she jest left Without even sayin' bye. Daddy brought her back and He had a tear in his eye. So, I was wonderin', can you fix her? She has somthun' called 'all tizers', daddy said. She forgets who we are, sometimes, And she forgot that grandpa's dead. Mr. God, you give her a new brememberer 'Cause I miss her playin', and stuff, with me And the cookies she used to bake. And, she was so smart, wasn't she? She used to talk 'bout you, a lot. Now, she jest talks to herself and, Mr. God, she don't know herself From the pictures on the shelf. Sometimes, she calls me 'little boy' And pats my cheek or hair. But, she don't call me little Andy anymore And she don't seem to care. Please, Mr. God, Will ya fix her, all new again, A'fore she gets lost and Can't bremember where she's been? She ain't sang a Jesus song Like I like to hear her to do. Daddy says 'cause she is getting old. But, she's not as old as you. Daddy says you never forget and You are older than anyone, anywhere. Mamma says, "All we can do is Bremember her in prayer." So, Mr. God, I'm jest askin', 'Cause I don't know how to pray. I jest know how to talk to ya, 'Cause you un'erstand what I try to say. Does Jesus have a grandma And does she forget people, too? I guess she would be your mommy And wouldn't she be older than you? Well, I gotta go to bed. Would ya keep grandma safe, O please, So as she won't wander off and get lost? She forgets her hat and coat, and she could freeze. I love her lots and I wish she bremember I'm her little Andy And bake some good cookies for me, And even share my candy. Tell my friend, Jesus, I was here and Give Him a hug from grandma and me. She used to know Him and I heard her say, "Thank you, Jesus, for little Andy." Good night, Mr. God. Are ya tired? You work, so hard, all day. I'll be back a'morrow, to visit, Before I go out to play. Good night, from Little Andy. ©Sandra Griffin 2004 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

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