There's nothing in this world I hate, Worse than having to say good-bye. After all the hugs, kisses and waves, I am bound to stand there and cry. My mom and dad always moved a lot, From the time their first was born. We were always leaving friends behind, My whole childhood, I felt so forlorn. "Please mom and dad, can't we stay in one place?" For just one full school year. I always seemed to be leaving behind, People and things that I hold dear. "We are the adults, we make the decisions." Is what I used to hear them say. If you hurry up and get things packed, Then we'll soon be on our way. I hated those trips, almost every year. We'd plan a move and have to say good-bye. I was only a child, no questions could- I ask and I always wondered WHY? Please, dear Lord, let us stay in one place. I want to have friends so very bad. If we lived like other folks, I'd be so very glad. I want to go to just one school For the whole year through, Cause moving so much all the time, Has made me feel so blue. One by one, I've lost nearly all my belongings. They all seem to just disappear. I'm just a little girl, Lord And if you look closely, you'll see the tears. There's never time to make any real friends, We're always too busy packing. To move to yet another place. Oh, this lifestyle is so nerve-wracking. I cry myself to sleep at night, And pray that God will hear my prayer. Please, oh please, dear God, hear me, Doesn't anyone out there really care?" We travel on from state to state, We're stranded in yet another place. I've gotten so depressed, dear Lord Can't you tell by the look on my face?" The vehicle we have is so small, Lord, For the ten of us inside of it. We are jammed in and oh, so crowded, And there just isn't any place to sit. I feel like I've never had a real home, One where I could stay in one place, Where I could have all my own belongings. I want to feel like I can keep up with the pace. Please, dear Lord, please help me, I don't require answers or the reason why. Please just keep me from hurting. I just can't stand another GOOD-BYE. ©Delilah M. (DeDe) Haas February 12, 2002 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website Mail

Authors Note: I wrote this from true experience, in hopes that parents would understand the necessity of stability and structure in a child's life. Children need to know where their home is going to be on a daily basis and what school they will be attending. Please think about this as an unstable home life can tear a child apart. I am one of the lucky ones. I learned how to turn my circumstances around for the better. I am a survivor, but a lot of children aren't.

God Bless,

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Sequenced by Frank Schober
Grandpa Schober's Original Midi Files

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