On board the heaving ship that takes us cross the silver sea
Back to my home land where my loved ones wait for me
Anxious and eager as we sailed into the night
Bid farewell to France as she slips slowly out of sight 

Through the mist we travelled as the ship sailed on and on
Nothing else around except the fog horns ghostly song
Standing out on deck is what I do enjoy the most
Waiting for a glimpse of light from dear old England's coast 

Then tears well in my eyes as she comes slowly into view
To tell me that it won't be long before I'll be with you
A welcome sight is always that when sailing into Dover
So proud to see its castle on the white cliffs looking over


Off the ship and through the port we tentatively creep
Whilst all around us everywhere dear England is asleep
Then off into the night as we make our speedy way
So we can see our loved ones at the break of this new day 

©Catherine Turner-Joll 
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author