Just got back from the doctor I tell you I sure am beat He gave me a good checking From my head down to my feet. I waited for an hour My appointment way past due Blood pressure shot up to the sky My heart was racing too. Put me on them there scales The kind you barely touch They need to call a repairman Cuz I don't weight THAT much. Made me take off all my clothes Put on a paper coat Thought that I would freeze to death Now that sure got my goat. Gave me five prescriptions I wasn't even sick He wants me on a real strict diet I'll be skinny as a stick. The moral of my story is I might be stout and lazy But after what I just went through I think I'm going crazy. ©Virginia (Ginny) Bryant Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

"Too Old To Cut The Mustard"
Courtesy of Heavenly Midis
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