I looked and I saw beauty, It was shining from your heart, I knew you were the one for me, Right from the very start. I wondered if you saw me, Standing just across the room, If you could hear my heart just racing, If you could see me nearly swoon. I walked across to greet you, And dared to take the chance, Reached for your hand with mine, And asked you for a dance. You smiled at me that moment, But somehow I was unsure, As I took your hand and led you, Onto the dancing floor. Just waited for the music, Hoped it would be soft and slow, So I could hold you closely, Never wanting to let go. I still recall the music, It was your favourite song, We danced along into the night, Together we belonged. From that very moment, I knew you were for me, Somehow into the future, Together we would be. Spent long times together, It really was no bother, We really liked to share it, That time with one another. The next thing that did happen, Was that we were married, And from that day so long ago, Together, burdens we have carried. We've gone and had our children, For we were truly blessed, No matter where life led us, It was healed when e're we kissed. As I look back just now thinking, To that night so long ago, I cannot help but wonder, Did my love forever show? So again I took your hand, But this time I was so sure, There were no questions needed, As I led you to the dancing floor. ©Eddie aka Dark Blue Knight February 5, 2005 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Email Website