I held a baby in my arms And rocked him off to sleep And as I held him close to me I could not help but weep For all the little babies Who have never felt warm arms Or heard a mother pray to God To keep them safe from harm For little ones who've never known A mother's loving smile Or felt sweet peace and comfort As she held them for a while. I wished that I could take each one And hold them in my arms And fulfill their every need And keep them from all harm But I was soon reminded That our God made every child We all belong to Him And we will know in just a while Why little children suffer At the hands of human-ness We do not know the answer And we cannot even guess But we know that great rewards Are waiting just above For all God's little children Who are so dearly loved By a precious loving Father Who will dry away their tears And rock them gently in His arms And answer all their prayers. ©Jeannette E. Smith July 10, 2003 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

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