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Where did that baby go With skin so soft And eyes aglow With precious smiles And coos so sweet Sloppy kisses on your cheek Where did that toddler go Running so fast Just to trip and fall Now getting bigger And growing so fast That chatters continuous Why won't this time last Where did that young child go That thinks their all grown Getting so big now With eyes of wonderment And question galore Can I, why can't I, Please mommy, I'm all grown Where did that Teenager go That knew all the answers And is much bolder now No kisses, no hugs Because that's not cool Someone might see them And think their a fool Where did all those years go When we were young and so old now Our skin is all wrinkled Our eyes do not shine We walk so much slower And hurt all the time Our hair has turned silver Our face lost it's glow Our bodies are failing As we go with the flow Our minds are all slipping How forgetful we get No names we remember On who people are We see a baby, toddler, or teen And memories come back And we think "that was me" Where are those years Why didn't they last For they are all gone now I'm old way to fast So we look to our children Our grandkids and all To bring back the youth That we had once before Cherish each moment Don't grow up so fast Treasure each second For it won't last ©Judy N. Marquart August 28, 2003 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

This poem was written with inspiration from my sister Sherry yesterday in a mail she sent me and told me Jerry's shoulder was sore and is dedicated to them.

I love you both very much!