Across the land our freedom's symbol flies In stripes of red and white. It waves its stars Like midnights' background flashing through the skies. There's celebration in parades and cars. Our country's pride was founded years ago, In Glory's red, Old Glory's white and blue, With courage, strength, and peaceful style rainbow Of unity and liberty ado. Now days fly high, respect for flag grows dim. For Founding Fathers' facts on parchment fades 'cause people's rights and main concern their whim In land of brave and free and forest glades. Our men and women fight for freedom's cause. In high regard, the soldiers risk their lives. This badge of honor, pride, for those who pause, Deserves our awe so loyalty survives. Our president, a brunt of awful jokes, Many Americans' disrespectful folks. And we ignore God's law, on Him don't call. Our nation could be headed for a fall. ©Carol Dee Meeks 2006 2007, 2005, 2004 Senior Poet Laureate of New Mexico Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail