From The Heart

Paradises On Earth ~ Reese McCoy
Letting Go ~ Ellie Braun-Haley
The Recipe Book ~ Wolfgang Hummel
Role Models ~ Reese McCoy
I Should Never Have... ~ James Sanders
Tender Care ~ Carol G. Oliver
Christmas Past ~ Carolyn Nored Lequieu
A Homeless Christmas ~ Wolfgang Hummel
Alice, The Santa Lady ~ Delores Adams
Uncle C.W. ~ Doran McEntire
School Days ~ Doran McEntire
...Childhood Memories ~ Mary Carter Mizrany
For His Glory ~ Alexis K. Browning
I Remember Mother ~ Kathleen McCoy Eldridge
Dad's Day! ~ Kathleen McCoy Eldridge
A Choppy Flight ~ Ellie Braun Haley
Feeling Blessed ~ Jan Hall Morgan
Commitment ~ Elizabeth Britt
Rainbow Bridge ~ Carolyn Kurtz-LaRue
Small Pleasures ~ Jennifer Deal McCoy

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