My recent study of the book of Revelations has changed my opinion of heaven and what it will be like up there with all the saints. After my Community Bible Class, I realized it will not be all singing, all fun, and all games, but continual praising my Savior as well as other serious business.

I ponder the kind of host Jesus will be. I tremble to think of seeing Him face to face, yet I thrill at the thought of asking Him all the questions I wonder about here on earth, and I wonder if there will be a long table where we'll all sit down and discuss the events of the day as Pat and I did at our home, and my parents did all my growing up years.

I wonder if Moses will still need Aaron to talk for Him. I want to quiz King David and ask what he thought about being the man after God's own heart, and I want to know how King Solomon felt with all that wisdom and wealth. But most of all, I want to walk and talk with the Apostle Paul. He is the example that keeps me going, and I want to know how he was able to be content in every situation he was in. The book of Philippians, in my Bible, is worn because I read and reread his work.

When I accepted Jesus Christ into my life, I was a Senior in high school. I had no idea the journey that lay ahead of me. I've had ups and downs throughout my life, and I shudder to think where I'd be without my faith In Him. When I realized I was a member of God's family, when I realized His wondrous love, when I realized His mercy and His grace; it was more than I could comprehend. It was more than I could grasp. It is still too awesome for me to understand.

Someday when I get to sit down at that long table, and visit with The Host, The King of Kings, The One who transformed me, all these questions I have now may no longer matter. But I do want to know how He endured the cross to save me, a sinner. I want to know about the agony He suffered to set me free, and I want to apologize to Him for all the times I forgot He loved me enough to hang on that tree at Calvary.

I know He'll answer each question in that mansion and new earth, and I'll shed no more tears. He'll be the perfect host. I'll love His hospitality.

©Carol Dee Meeks Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail 2007 Senior Poet Laureate of New Mexico


How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
Sequenced by Harry Todd
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