I remember when he would drive slow and look for wild asparagus.

He cooked me oatmeal once and it came out in a cube shape on my plate. I wasn't used to oatmeal and I didn't eat it.

I do remember eating tomato soup and crackers with him.

He made me a new little spindle for my headboard on his lathe.

When we had the wreck in the Impala on the way to his house, I remember being at the hospital and several times he asked, "Did the hood fly up?"

I borrowed a socket from him when I was working on the riding lawn mower. He didn't seem concerned that I was going to take the engine ALL the way apart.

I thought it was so neat that he liked "Little Richard."

Tim McCoy©
October 25, 2000
All Rights Reserved

He once was stopped by the police on the expressway for going too slow. He was looking for wild "spargas."

Once, when they lived on White Lake Road, he had picked Mother up at work. She worked the third shift, so it was pretty early in the morning and Mother was tired. A few yards from the house, Daddy spotted a black cat in the road ahead. He was so afraid the cat would cross in front of the car that he turned around and took another (longer) way home. Mother was sure mad.

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
October 25, 2000
All Rights Reserved

As a craftsman, I remember when he took a hand saw, hatchet and a piece of glass and made a banjo. He made the frets out of fence wire that he had flattened and the markers were made out of pieces of buttons. I wonder what he could have done in woodworking if he had tools like Reese, Danny and I have.

William McCoy©
October 27, 2000
All Rights Reserved

Unfortunately, we lived too far away for me to have been around Papa as much as I would have liked to. He bought me a heart-shaped necklace when we were little. And I still have a pair of leather gloves that came from him for Christmas. Another memory I have of him was that Cinnamon would stand at his bedroom door and wait for his okay before coming in. And I remember him giving Cinnamon candy corn. Oh and the first time I ever had a Hardee's cheeseburger it came from Papa. One other memory I have is that I don't think I ever cried (downright sobbed) as hard as I did when we saw him at the funeral home. I remember absolutely bawling with Sherry Lynn and my dad trying to talk to us. It's a shame I don't know much more about him.

Melanie Robinson Rutherford©
October 27, 2000
All Rights Reserved

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