I remember Christmas in old town, when I was a child many years ago, they say memories get sweeter with age, I know now that this is so.

The Billingses and Stickneys the Fishers and the Corells, the Austins, the Hewitts the Juliens, the Schultzes and the Pattons as well, this was the old town gang that made up the story I am about to tell.

How excited the old town gang would be with every sign of Christmas that we would see. As the big day approached we had a common goal; to avoid the switch that Santa might leave and that dreaded lump of coal. We all believed in Santa and tried so hard to be good. How Santa knew when we were bad, we never understood.

How we worried the Christmas there was no snow. How could Santa make his sleigh and reindeer go? Our Mothers brushed away our fears; told us Santa always comes to good kids even in snowless years. Santa was magic didn't we know, there wasn't any place that Santa couldn't go.

We wrote our letters to Santa, each and every one. We labored long and hard and gave them to our dad to mail when we had them done. Sharon wants a wettsy doll, Marcene wants a bike, Jeannie wants some doll dishes and Butchy wants a trike. How the excitement would grow with each approaching day. Every kid had Christmas eyes, like our Grandmas used to say.

School plays and Christmas programs in our church, we had without a doubt. And don't forget the free show down town, when Santa gave bags of candy out. All the Christmas goodies that our moms would make, we always left some out for Santa to take.

Christmas trees were so special then, in their old fashioned way, and went up just two weeks before Christmas day. With its bubble lights and angel hair, little ornaments made of wood; Margie Billings had the prettiest tree in the entire neighborhood.

That we were poor was never known; I never knew how tough it was till I was fully-grown. Kids in those days didn't ask for a lot, and oh we were so very thankful for what we got. The Christmases of those days would today seem quite small, but way back then we thought we had it all. How I love these memories and all the funny things we did, when Christmas came to old town, when I was just a kid.

©Roger Eugene Corell December 1999 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail <')))))))>< Strive always to walk in the shoes of the Great Fisherman

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