We had two friends, named Willis and JB, who were brothers. Willis was alright, but JB was a real "black sheep." Once, JB broke into Lewis and Stella Hanson's house while they were gone. He ate almost all their food, then put a frying pan in the middle of the room and poopied in it. What gave him away was that he had stolen their electric iron and tried to sell it. Because he was a minor, he got away with it. JB ended up in prison for killing a man in Michigan. He spent most of his life in prison for different offenses and died in there.

Once, at Christmastime, a bunch of us boys were gathered on the Lou Flat shooting carbide cans. We had a bonfire and somebody suggested that we needed a chicken to roast. Troy Hanson said that he knew just where we could get our hands on some very easily. It was at night and a couple of the boys went with Troy to steal the chicken. They roosted in an apple tree that had some low branches. Troy put his hand behind and under a chicken and it stepped backward right into his hand. We skinned the chicken because we had no way of plucking it. Then, we put it over the bonfire to roast it. We roasted the chicken until it was tender and done; then we divided it up and ate it. Old Man Troy missed his big white hen, but never did find out what became of it.

When I was a sophomore we had to dissect a cat in Biology class. A few of the boys found one and caught it. Freddie Briggs was in on it. We gave ether to the cat and cut it open. After examining its vital organs, Freddie accidentally touched the nerve to the heart and it killed the cat. We sewed it back up and buried it out behind the old gym. The cat happened to belong to Freddie's mother and he hadn't recognized it at the time. Mrs. Briggs searched the whole bottom for the cat, but never could find it. Freddie didn't dare tell her what we had done. By the way, we each got an "A" in Biology.

Luther G. Eldridge©
March 25, 2001
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