Every Christmas marks the anniversary of a very wonderful Christmas. Though doctors did everything medically possible to stop the premature delivery, our youngest grandson was born.

There was no room in the inn, as all the beautiful new birthing rooms were filled.

We were given a small dingy room that was never intended to be used again, awaiting remodeling. In fact, it had never been a delivery room at all and there was barely room for the needed medical equipment.

Only a few were allowed to remain present, squeezing quietly into a corner as the doctor suddenly received an urgent message from heaven that this baby should be born, now! And, now it was, as it seemed only a matter of seconds that the physician broke the water, reached in, and pulled the baby out. And, I thought, "Wow! They can do that!?"

Literally beyond purple, next came what seemed like a very lengthy silence as they hurried toward getting the baby prepared for an incubator. Finally, he breathed his first breath of life. Then ... the next ... and ... the next.

Though they couldn't promise that our grandson would make it through the night, it was a miracle that he was alive at all. We quietly listened, as he labored to breath, in awe, knowing that every next breath was, yet, another miracle and that God intended this child to live!

December 25th isn't the exact day of Jesus' birth, as an infant. Yet, it is the time of year when lambs are born.

Reminded of the first Bethlehem, I now see the similitude of a child, confronted with the gates of hell, struggling to be born before the world is ready to receive him; every next breath of the Spirit, beyond all obstacles, yet another miracle.

Bethlehem came without decorations, packages, ribbons, or bows. And now, I know Bethlehem is a celebration of life ... more abundantly! And, the light that glows at the nativity scene is really the illumination of God's presence, as He wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Christmas traditions lose their attraction at the very presence of God. And, where two or more are gathered together, sharing joys of the Lord, He'll be there. And, wherever He is, it's always ... CHRISTMAS! Never settle for less than the best.

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