We've come a long, long way in five years. I know I have. I know our nation has.

Our hearts were torn open and we were filled with sorrow and rage and righteous indignation. We railed and screamed and cried and then we said, "Enough." And we acted. We stood tall and straight and we struck hard.

We bickered and pointed fingers and argued some more while our anger cooled as did the fires at Ground Zero. "We've gone too far!" "We haven't gone far enough!" "Who's to blame!!" Young men and women risked their lives in inhospitable lands to protect those they love.

Slowly the flags were furled and images of people hurling themselves to the earth from 100+ stories of molten, collapsing steel faded from our day to day lives. We wondered and argued and formed committees. "What weapons did they have?" "What more would they have done to us?" "Did we do the right thing?" "Should we do more?"

On and on we quarreled. But it's okay. We do that here. We're free to do that here. It's what made us great. We're an ornery, disagreeable lot, we Americans, but when the metal meets the meat we're the same. We stand tall and straight and we strike hard. Our loved ones risk their lives to protect us even today, five years later.

Yes, we can argue the hows and the whos and the what-ifs for generations and we'll second guess each other as long as we live, but there's one thing we'll never forget, not as long as we wake to September 11th every year. We can agree on one thing about our fight.

The Why.

Never forget.

Rocky McCoy©
September 11, 2006
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved

Music ~ This Land Is Your Land

Fireworks Script by Jacco IJzerman
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive