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Years ago, when we first started getting infested with fire ants in the yard, we tried many types of products to rid ourselves of the pests. Nothing worked until Rocky discovered Amdro and we've used it ever since. For those of you who aren't familiar with Amdro it is sprinkled on the anthill. It works when a grain is carried to the queen and she dies after it swells in her body.

This summer, Grandmother told Rocky she had fire ants in her lawn and asked him how to get rid of them. Rocky told her about Amdro and how it worked - that it was expensive but worth it. One day, Rocky was going to her house for something and saw her in the yard going from anthill to anthill and sprinkling little grains on each one. When Rocky got up close to her, he asked if she was using Amdro. He was curious because what she was using was in little packets. Grandmother replied, "No, I'm not using Amdro. Someone told me about another solution, so I'm using it." To his disbelief, Rocky saw she was sprinkling grits on the anthills. They worked!

Last week, I was cleaning out the cereal cabinet and knew it was time to get rid of Luke's cereal. There were three plastic containers almost full of various cereals plus oatmeal and cream of wheat. In the back of the cabinet, I found a box of grits that Luke had gotten me to buy so he could try them. Once was enough for him, but I had kept them anyway. I started to throw them in the garbage with the other cereal when I remembered what Rocky had told me. Now, the grits reside with the Amdro.

Lesson learned.

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October 24, 2003
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