Did I ever tell you about the time Dad and I went to water the pony??

If you remember, the barn was up Dotson hollow behind Otto Price's store. Our routine was to take the pony to the creek to water him and then take him back to the barn and give him some corn and fodder.

On this day, we were following out routine except after I got the pony out of the stall, Dad put the corn and fodder in the feed bin and I guess the pony saw it. We had to go to the creek across from John Dotson's store in order to get down to the creek. Dad would lead the pony down to the creek and then back to the barn with me riding. After the pony got his fill of water, I guess he remembered the corn and fodder which was waiting for him at the barn. As we started up the bank back to the road, Dad slipped and the pony broke free and started, at full gallop, back to the barn. The further the faster. Dad was running as fast as he could to try and catch up, but he was no match for the pony. Dad was cursing with every step and called the pony every name you could think of except "pony."

As the pony and I went through the corral gate, Dad was shouting for me to bail out (get off the pony) as loud as he could. That's when I realized that we had only opened the small barn door and there was no way I could stay on the pony and my head and upper body would clear the top of the door. I bailed off and was lucky to land in the pile of straw, poop and other things, where the barn had just been cleaned out a few days before.

I went in up to my ankles. But, I went in head first.

For the next several days, everything smelled and tasted like horse manure.

William McCoy©
March 19, 2005
Used With Permission
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