Things are beginning to grow again. I love the smell of freshly-plowed earth and the smell of the first time the grass is mowed. Flowers that have been dormant all winter are beginning to peek out of the ground. Seedlings for fruit and nut trees are beginning to burst forth and grow.

Some trees that need transplanting can be moved now and I like to see them grow and bear in later years. The tomato plant that magically appears in the rose bed or the watermelon vine that comes up in the onion patch are always welcome to me. If those tiny seeds can make it through the Kentucky winter, they should have a chance to grow and flourish.

I like to see the wild flowers blooming on the hillside and take walks up the hill to see what other "treasures" have burst forth - like the "Preacher in the Pulpit" I found last spring - and give them a home in my flower bed. I love to look at the seed catalogs and the seeds and plants in the stores and plan my garden.

Luther G. Eldridge©
August 15, 2000




"It Might As Well Be Spring"
Sequencer Unknown To Me