I have rarely, if ever, been 'whispered' to. The gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit has been felt many times more like a push out of bed and on my knees at 3 am with the message; "PRAY"!

I would always see the need for that happening to me the next day or soon thereafter. It left me in a mode to better handle difficult circumstances that arose. The closest to a whisper that I ever came was stumbling on a seemingly useless purchase that said "buy me, buy me!"

Then the day always came when I needed that object! God in His providence provides all!

More confirmation that all our steps are ordered. Even the seemingly mundane things. If they concern us, they concern our Lord who has it all under control!

Also these are tests of faith. Building blocks for a bridge straight to the Lord in time of need. After all , obedience is better than sacrifice. Jesus is there always to intercede for us but it's up to us to keep the many lines of communication open.

We must whisper "Jesus" many times in the course of our lives, or even in the course of each day. And He will hear us because it's just one step over the bridge.

©Geraldine Petrone
March 12, 2009
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

Margi Harrell