Art by Robert Herrman Sauber 1868 - 1936 - Sapphire Designs 2014

Looking back on this date 34 years ago when Brooke was born, I realize that I have truly been blessed with daughters who still love their Mama no matter what crazy things I do or say.

I am reminded when she was 2 years old, and I was watching The 700 Club and praying about her itchy rash on her arms that bothered her day and night. Pat said, "There is a Mother praying for her daughter with a terrible rash on her arms. When she awakes, the rash will start going away and in a few days be gone."

I praised the Lord for her healing then, and for all the other miracles in her life since. She loves the Lord, and that gives any Mother great peace and joy.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter, Brooke!

Jan Hall Morgan ©May 29, 2014 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved by Author Mail

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Fill My Cup Lord

Art by Robert Herrman Sauber 1868 - 1936Sapphire Designs 2014